Holiday Shopping Tip: Buy Discounted Gift Cards, Shop for Less

If your holiday shopping budget is slim, here’s a tip to help you stretch your limited dollars. Buy discounted gift cards to use at popular retailers like Old Navy, Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Home Depot and use them when you do your holiday shopping. This is a great way to save on gifts. The cards […]

Ten Tips to Lower Your Living Expenses

Unemployment, reduced hours at work and medical issues can all cause a strain on your cash flow, making daily living expenses tough to manage. Becoming savvy with your limited income and reducing your daily expenses should be a top priority. Cutting back on your spending is common sense and you will soon realize that many of […]

YMCA Offers Membership Discounts

If you are unemployed or your paycheck doesn’t leave you room to join a gym or take your kids swimming, the YMCA offers financial aid if you have a hardship. Some locations also waive the sign-up fee if you are unemployed. Membership fee reductions are determined on a case-by-case basis by the YMCA you go […]

Using Coupons at Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sales

When you see a Buy 1 Get 1 Free (BOGO) sale at your local grocery store, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens or other retail store, you’ll save the most money if you use a coupon for each item. Many think that a coupon can only be used for one item, but this is not the case.** […]

Ten Tips to Help Lower Your Electric Bill

Saving money doesn’t just mean using coupons. Reducing your household expenses should also include saving money on your utility bills. Making small changes in the way you use electricity in your home will help you to save money on your electric bill every month. Try these tips and you will see a significant change in […]

Five Ways to Conserve Energy in your Kitchen

Saving money and going green go hand-in-hand when you take simple steps to reduce conserve energy waste in your kitchen. Try these tips to lower your energy bills and you will help save the earth at the same time. Put a lid on it: Always put a lid on your pots to help water boil faster. […]

Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Bill

The poor economy is forcing everyone to tighten up their budget and the perfect start to that is to save money on your phone bill. While it’s hard to imagine not talking or texting, there are certainly some features on your cell phone you can do without. As for that land line you rarely use, […]