Brilliant Idea: Cheap Wax Melts for Tart Burners

yankee tart warmer white

I buy so many wax melts to scent my home it’s now a part of my budget. I recently found a way to reduce the amount of money I pay for my candle melt addiction. I rarely buy Yankee Candle tarts because they don’t seem to scent my home  as well as they used to. […]

Free Printable Halloween Activity Book Includes Coloring Pages, Puzzles

Print out free Halloween activity book that includes coloring pages, puzzles and games. This freebie will keep anxious trick-or-treaters busy until the big night of candy collecting arrives. has a free downloadable Halloween activity book available for Facebook fans. Choose from a printable booklet for pre-schoolers, K through 1st or 2nd – 5th graders. […]

Ten Tips to Lower Your Living Expenses

Unemployment, reduced hours at work and medical issues can all cause a strain on your cash flow, making daily living expenses tough to manage. Becoming savvy with your limited income and reducing your daily expenses should be a top priority. Cutting back on your spending is common sense and you will soon realize that many of […]

Five Tips for Making an Organized Homework Area

Back to school means lots of homework for most students. Finding a quiet place to study is important, but sending young children to their room isn’t always the best solution. If you have a child in elementary school, you will want to make the study area a place that allows them to focus but is […]

Ten Tips for Writing a Complaint Letter

Thinking about writing a complaint letter about poor customer service or a product that was not the quality you expected? Use these tips to complain effectively so the company in question can resolve your problem quickly. Most businesses consider a complaint letter to be an important part of doing business. It gives them information that could […]

Michaels Arts & Crafts 40% off Coupon

Print the Michaels Arts and Crafts coupon below and take 40% off your any one item. Valid until August 13, 2011, this coupon is perfect for summer crafts or getting a jump-start on your holiday crafting. Print the Michaels 40% off one item coupon here If you’re looking for easy crafts for kids to keep […]

How to Save Money Shopping by the Retail Sales Calendar

Make the most of your coupons and discounts by taking advantage of the retail sale calendar. Purchases such as furniture, seasonal  clothing, housewares, electronics, appliances and bedding are usually a bigger bargain if you shop when most retailers discount specific items. Some of the sales are common sense (day-after-Christmas sales) and others are seasonal (summer […]