Make Extra Money: How to Sell Your Clothes on Craigslist

Need extra cash in a hurry? If your closets are overflowing with  clothes that you don’t wear or you have piles of clothing that your children have outgrown, why not sell them on Craigslist? While you may make more selling your clothes on eBay, selling a big lot of old clothes is the way to […]

Need Extra Cash? Sell Your Gift Cards

Need extra money? Sell the gift cards that are cluttering up your drawers. While gift cards make great presents for birthdays, graduations and holidays, they often go unused. Selling the cards for between 80 – 90% of their face value on sites like Plastic Jungle and Cardpool is a smart way to put some extra […]

Need Money? What to Sell on eBay

Need some extra money in a hurry? Dig around your basement, in your garage or in your closets and it’s likely you will find several hundred dollars worth of items you can sell on eBay so you can score some much needed extra cash. What sells well on eBay? Many items you have in your […]