Earn Extra Cash: Does Bubblews pay?

Bubblews earn extra cash

UPDATE: My previous review of the site has been removed because I can no longer recommend Bubblews as a way to make extra money. After several attempts to get payments owed to me, I closed my account. I was paid on time several times, then the whole operation seemed to be difficult to deal with. […]

Sell Unwanted Gift Cards Online for Cash

If you received gift cards on Christmas to restaurants or retail stores that you aren’t all that excited about, don’t shove them in a drawer. Sell the gift cards for cash or trade them in for the ones you really want. Selling the cards for between 80 – 90% of their face value on sites […]

Ten Tips to Lower Your Living Expenses

Unemployment, reduced hours at work and medical issues can all cause a strain on your cash flow, making daily living expenses tough to manage. Becoming savvy with your limited income and reducing your daily expenses should be a top priority. Cutting back on your spending is common sense and you will soon realize that many of […]

Ten Tips for Writing a Complaint Letter

Thinking about writing a complaint letter about poor customer service or a product that was not the quality you expected? Use these tips to complain effectively so the company in question can resolve your problem quickly. Most businesses consider a complaint letter to be an important part of doing business. It gives them information that could […]

How to Save Money Shopping by the Retail Sales Calendar

Make the most of your coupons and discounts by taking advantage of the retail sale calendar. Purchases such as furniture, seasonal  clothing, housewares, electronics, appliances and bedding are usually a bigger bargain if you shop when most retailers discount specific items. Some of the sales are common sense (day-after-Christmas sales) and others are seasonal (summer […]

How to Avoid Online Money Making Scams

It is important to be aware of online money making scams if you are trying to make extra money online. Taking online surveys, entering contests, and doing mystery shopping can be legitimate ways to put a little cash in your wallet, but you must be careful not to fall for the businesses that are set […]

How to Sell Coupons on eBay

Cutting coupons to save money is a big trend right now. If you have extra coupons and inserts that you can’t use, sell them on eBay and make some extra cash. While eBay does allow the sale of manufacturer’s coupons, there are limitations you must follow. Follow the rules below or you will compromise the status […]