CVS Offers 20% off Coupon with Flu Shot

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Get a flu shot at CVS and you’ll not only ward off the dreaded winter illness and you will get a 20% off shopping pass to use on any non-sale items at CVS Pharmacy.

There is no appointment necessary to get a flu shot. Head to the pharmacy at your local CVS to get the shot during store hours.

Present your insurance card, including Medicare Part B, and the pharmacist will administer your shot after you fill out some brief paper work. You can also make an appointment for your flu shot here, although it is not necessary.

One of my daughters had this done on Friday evening and it was quick and easy. She also said it was painless — and that sounds good to me since I fear needles.

The intradermal flu vaccine is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for adults ages 18 through 64. According to CVS, the fine needle used is 90% smaller than the needles used for regular flu shots. It also requires 40% less antigen (part of the vaccine that helps your body build protection against flu viruses) than the regular flu shot. That means that the same amount of antigen can make more doses of the vaccine.

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