2012 Toys R Us Holiday Layaway: No Service Charge

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Start a Toys R Us holiday layaway and there will be no service charge for anything put on layaway through October 31, 2012. There is no minimum purchase and you will have until Dec. 16, 2012 to pick up your order.

The products that can be put on layaway have been expanded this holiday season and is available at most Toys R Us store.

Spread payments out between now and Dec. 16 on all toys, video game systems, swingsets and more. You will be notified when you are purchases are available after you make your last payment.

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Excluded from the Toys R Us layaway plan are the following items: Apparel, beverages, batteries, candy, diapers, Doorbusters, film, food, formula, holiday-related items (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Chanukah, Christmas), and all health and beauty items except the following: boosters, potties, thermometers, medical accessories, vaporizers and humidifiers.

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