How to Find Facebook Posts From The Pages You ‘Like’

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Not seeing posts in your Facebook newsfeed from The Couponess or other pages you ‘like’? Here are a few tips to help you see posts in your feed that you are interested in. Recently, Facebook added a feature that requires business pages to pay to promote posts. If payment is not made, very few people will see the posts in their newsfeed.

With over 5,000 fans on The Couponess’ Facebook page, I would have to pay $30 each time I posted to get the information into the newsfeed of every person who has ‘liked’ my page. That’s not bargain friendly at all. I’d much rather use that money to buy milk and bread for my children than support Mark Zuckerberg’s. :)

I value the fact that you follow me on Facebook and realize many of you don’t want to use Twitter or get your email inbox jammed with more ‘stuff.’ There are some alternatives and, keep in mind, I don’t post 100 times a day — I only post deals that I think are of value and don’t require you to spend 15 minutes filling out forms to get the freebie or discount.

Here are a few easy options to help you connect with The Couponess (and other pages you like):

1. Click the “Show in News Feed” link so posts will appear in your Facebook feed. The photo below shows how to click to make this happen — it’s a drop down under the “Like” button. Just click it and you should start seeing my posts in your newsfeed.


2. Create a list on Facebook of the pages you ‘like’ so they appear in your newsfeed. This is not difficult, but it does require a few steps. I use feature to make lists of friends so I don’t miss their latest update and business pages I follow so I don’t miss a deal or important post.

First, click on your “Home” button while logged into Facebook. Scroll down on the left sidebar and find “Interests.” You may have to click the “MORE” button to see this, but it’s at the bottom of the list under “Friends.”

how to add Facebook interests

Once you click “Add Interests” you will be taken to a page that allows you to create a list. Surprise! It’s named “Create List.” :)

Search for the names of the pages you want to add to your list by typing the names of the pages or clicking on the “pages” list on the left. You can make a list of the pages of your favorite deal sites, restaurants, retailers, celebrities….whatever you want.

how to create a list on Facebook

Once you have saved your list, click on that list in your newsfeed anytime you want to see the latest updates for that list. This method works the same way when you want to make a list of friends – just in case you haven’t seen them appear in your feed since Facebook made it’s billionth change.

Other Options to Connect with The Couponess

Follow me on Twitter at THATDEALDIVA  Tweet a ‘hello’ so I can follow you back. I used to love Twitter, but it’s so full of spam I’m never sure who is genuine and who is a computer generated spammer.

Subscribe for daily email updates. There are two subscribe buttons in the sidebar of this blog. The button on the upper left of this post will give you an update by email every time I post. The button on the right sidebar gives a consolidated update by email of all of the posts each day. I have both because some people like getting the information right away, in case it’s a time-sensitive deal. Others prefer to get just one email with all of the days deals.

I do not post thousands of deals a day because so many of them are for things I think very few people will use — or they require way too much time to get (I’m totally against freebies that require you to give up your first born and part of your day to get!)

So, whatever option you choose, The Couponess will not flood your email, Twitter feed, or Facebook newsfeed with useless junk.

Thank you for subscribing and being a ‘fan.’ There are many sites out there that help you save money — I hope to remain one of them.

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