Who Has the Cheapest Data Plan: Sprint, AT&T or Verizon

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If you are buying an iPhone or any mobile phone that requires a data plan, you may be overpaying for your data plan. Here’s a look at what Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and AT&T will charge you every month in case you’re thinking of switching your plan:

Verizon Wireless 

  • $30/mo for 2GB (plus $39.99 for 450 minutes)
  • $80/mo for 10GB (add $69.99 for unlimited voice)
  • What will you get for 2GB or 10GB of data? Download 1 hour of music a day and you’ll be at 2GB by the end of the month. Watch 1 hour of high-resolution video every day on your Verizon phone and you will reach 10GB of data per month. Even 2 minutes of low-resolution video every day will use up your 2GB limit pretty quickly by month’s end.


  • $69.99/mo + $10 for unlimited data, text, and calls to ANY mobile phone (with 450 ‘anytime’ minutes for calls to landlines)
  • $99.99/mo + $10 for unlimited data, text, push to talk and calls to ANY mobile phone, and unlimited calls to landlines.
  • Sprint will charge you $10 per month in addition to the price of the plan if you buy a smartphone (including the iPhone)

I use the $69.99 plan + my $10 iPhone charge — I rarely call a landline so I never go over the 450 ‘anytime’ minutes. 


      • $15/mo for 200MB (add $39.99 for 450 minutes)
      • $45/mo for 4GB (with tethering; add $69.99 for unlimited voice)
      • If you choose AT&T, what will you get for the minimum amount of data? 200MB per month will cover approximately 1,000 email messages with no attachments, about 150 with attachments, 400 Web page views, uploading around 50 photos on Facebook, and watching 20 minutes of YouTube videos.

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