Holiday Shopping Tip: Buy Discounted Gift Cards, Shop for Less

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If your holiday shopping budget is slim, here’s a tip to help you stretch your limited dollars. Buy discounted gift cards to use at popular retailers like Old Navy, Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Home Depot and use them when you do your holiday shopping. This is a great way to save on gifts.

The cards are up to 35% off face value, so you’re getting a great discount without having to clip coupons. Savvy shoppers combine combine the discounted gift card with a sale and/or coupon to save even more money.

Gift card exchange companies like Plastic Jungle and Cardpool buy gift cards from people who don’t want them (check your sock drawer…you probably have a bunch that you never used — sell them for extra cash!) These gift card exchange’ companies resell the gift cards for up to 35% off their retail value.  (Read here if you’re interested in selling your gift cards)

EXAMPLE: You need to buy gifts at JC Penney. You buy a $100 gift card through Plastic Jungle and it’s discounted 35% off (discount varies by card). You pay $65 for the card and use it to go shopping. $100 worth of gifts now costs you $65! (Add a coupon to that and you save even more!)

How Do You Buy Discounted Gift Cards?

First, choose a gift card exchange site. I use Plastic Jungle and Cardpool often. Both offer good discounts, but I always check both sites to see who has the better discount on the card I am looking for.

Select the gift card(s) you want and you will see the discount amount. Purchase the cards (use Paypal, Debit or Credit Cards) and get them by mail or you can opt to get e-gift cards by email. Go shopping and save money with your discounted gift cards! I do this all the time and it’s a great way to make your own sale or add an extra discount to a store discount and coupons. I shop online frequently, so I usually choose e-cards.

For those of you who are wondering if you can give a gift card as gift that you purchased at a discount — YES! No one will know that the $100 gift card you purchased only cost you $65…unless you want to tell them you’re a savvy shopper! :-)

Take a look at Plastic Jungle here and Cardpool here. Both are worth ‘bookmarking’ and checking in on when you’re looking for a discounted gift card. After the holidays, go back and sell the cards you don’t want and take the cash or buy a gift card to a store you really want to shop at!

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