Make Extra Money: How to Sell Your Clothes on Craigslist

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Need extra cash in a hurry? If your closets are overflowing with  clothes that you don’t wear or you have piles of clothing that your children have outgrown, why not sell them on Craigslist?

While you may make more selling your clothes on eBay, selling a big lot of old clothes is the way to go if you don’t want to ship and need fast cash. It’s easier to sell lesser quality, non-name brand clothing on Craigslist, too.

To post an advertisement on, you can either create a free account or simply post without an account. The advantage of having an account set up is that you will not have to wait for a confirmation email each time you post something to sell. Always choose to be notified via an “anonymous” email — do not post your email or phone number in your ad.

Read the tips below and start cleaning out your drawers and closets!

How to sell clothing on Craigslist

Sort through your clothing. Make sure that the clothes are clean and in reasonably good condition. Make piles of the clothing by size. Separate by tops, pants, skirts, dresses and outerwear. It is a good idea to also sort by season.

Sell in lots. Sell each group of clothing for a very reasonable price. If they are all in one size and one season, sell all the pieces as a “summer wardrobe” or “winter clothing”.

Pricing: Set a reasonable price as if you are selling at a yard sale. If you have 50 pieces of clothing, charge a little less than $1 per piece and advertise the whole lot for $45.

List how many pieces of each type of clothing you are selling, the size and condition (be truthful!). Note in the ad that the clothing is sold as a lot (you do not  want people coming by for one item at a time) and that you only accept cash.

Photos: Take clear pictures of a few of the items to give the buyer an idea and post them with your ad. Don’t take these pictures on your messy bed. Would you buy something that’s been piled up on someone’s bed or floor? I wouldn’t!

Be honest when selling your clothing. If there are any rips or stains, say so. Sell these items for a much lower price or just donate them to Goodwill, Salvation Army or a Big Sisters Organization. If you’re going to sell your clothing, make sure it’s “wear-able”.

When to Sell: Clothing sells well year-round on Craigslist but make sure you sell items that are in season or close to the season that is approaching.

Selling children’s clothing? Post fall items several weeks before school starts and summer items in May or early — before summer vacation starts. Sell barely used snow boots, ski pants and jackets that no longer fit in October or early November.

If you have summer clothing and want to sell it on Craigslist in the winter, post an ad for these items in early January. Many families travel over winter break (February) to warm climates. It’s hard to find summer clothes if you live in a state where it snows in the winter! This is a perfect time to make extra cash (especially right after the holidays!)

Be reasonable with your prices and SAFE when you sell. It’s not a great idea to have people come into your home. Meet in a public place such as a grocery store parking lot or in your driveway if you need to make the transaction at home. Request cash and always make sure you are paid first. If you feel uncomfortable, do not make the exchange.

Selling on Craigslist can be quick and profitable. Just make sure you don’t over-value your items and, most importantly, sell safely!

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