How to Sell Coupons on eBay

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Cutting coupons to save money is a big trend right now. If you have extra coupons and inserts that you can’t use, sell them on eBay and make some extra cash. While eBay does allow the sale of manufacturer’s coupons, there are limitations you must follow.

Follow the rules below or you will compromise the status of your eBay account. If you violate eBays terms of service you may end up having your selling and/or buying privileges restricted and your account may get suspended.

Before You Start Selling Your Coupons: Read the terms of use on each coupon. Some coupons state that selling them is restricted or not allowed. eBay won’t typically monitor this but if the coupon states ‘don’t sell’ then you’d be wise not to. Making a few bucks selling coupons is not worth legal trouble.

Posting: Coupons should be posted under the “Gift Cards & Coupons” category using the sub-category “Coupons” — you can add item specifics such as type of coupon (health/beauty, groceries, etc)

Pricing: You can’t add to the value of the coupon just because you are selling it. A seller cannot claim that the price of the coupon is more because they spent ‘X’ amount of hours clipping the coupons. eBay rules state that the only thing you can sell are the coupons. You can’t sell your ‘labor’.

Tip: If you prefer to buy coupons on eBay and not sell them, check the sellers ratings and reviews very carefully. Make sure you’re buying coupons that are valid and always purchase through PayPal so your transaction is protected.

If you have 20 Sunday newspaper inserts, start the bid at a reasonable (low) price. No one wants to pay more than a coupon is worth and everyone wants a bargain. The coupons have no cash value unless they are redeemed at the register towards a product, so don’t try to get rich overpricing coupons! It won’t happen.

More Rules for Selling Coupons on eBay

  • You cannot sell expired coupons.
  • Bulk coupons cannot be more than 100 coupons, 20 identical coupons, or 5 coupon inserts in a single listing. You must clearly state in your description how many coupons you’re selling.
  • Listing must clearly state the description of the coupon
  • Only 2 “Free” coupons per listing
  • Only 2 printed Internet coupons per listing. You can’t list more than 2 printed Internet coupons per listing.
  • No electronic “scanned” coupons. All coupons sold through eBay must be physical coupons printed on paper, not coupons that can be sent electronically to the buyer to be printed.
  • No recalled coupons or coupons for recalled products

Shipping Your Coupons: Coupons are not expensive to ship out if you are just selling a few (offer free shipping if it’s just the cost of a stamp — more people are likely to buy from you!)

If you have a bulk amount of inserts/coupons to see, then make sure you weigh them so that you are charging adequate postage.

The cheapest way to mail a large lot is media mail but it’s very slow. Priority Mail is an option — you may want to check out the flat rate boxes that allow you to ship as much as you want as long as it fits into the box.

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