Free Atkins Bars, Coupons, Carb Counter and Recipe Book

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Get a free weight loss kit from Atkins that includes three Atkins bars, coupons, a pocket carb-counter guide and a recipe book.

There’s no purchase or membership involved and I received this freebie in less than a week. I am not on the Atkins diet, but recently came across this freebie in Family Circle magazine.

I was interested because I always keep these bars in my purse — I have low blood sugar and often need a boost when I am out running errands. Carrying a banana in my purse isn’t quite as convenient.

The photo above shows everything I received in the mail (Carb counting book, coupons, recipe booklet, 1 Atkins Day Break bar and 2 Atkins Advantage bars). You’ll also have access to the Atkins site (free) where you can track your weight, calculate your BMI, and find low-carb recipes.

Get the Atkins weight loss kit on You can always delete your profile after you sign up for the freebie but I’ve kept mine up — I’ve used a few of the recipes already and they aren’t bad.