Five Ways to Conserve Water Outside of Your Home

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Conserving water is important and while many focus on saving water inside their home, it is just as important not to waste while maintaining the outdoor area.

Whether you need to water your plants, clean your walk-ways or keep your grass green here are a few tips to help you get started with water conservation — and save money on your water bill each month.

LAWN: Water your lawn in the early morning or evening, especially if you live in a hot climate. The water will evaporate more slowly and you will also have an added bonus: this will save between 30-80% of the normal amount of water needed and that savings will show up on your water bill.

Keep your lawn about two to three inches high. This will protect the roots and soil from excess sun so they will require less water. Do not over water you lawn. If the grass look dull and almost grayish-green, then water it. Otherwise it doesn’t need it and the water will just run off the lawn and be wasted.

FLOWER GARDENS: When planting your garden, group together plants and flowers that need similar amounts of water. Water grass separately from these plants and flowers. Most trees, shrubs and flowers are better off watered with a low-drip device or a low-volume spray.

Mulch your flower beds and around shrubs. This will conserve moisture and save water. Organic mulches are fantastic for this use.

WALKWAYS: If you need to clean off your walkways, do not hose them down. Instead buy a broom that you reserve for outdoor use and sweep! Save water for the plants! (Too many weeds in your walkway? Learn how household vinegar will kill them here — no chemicals needed.)

SPRINKLERS: Use sprinklers that produce large drops instead of a fine mist. This helps with excess evaporation and saves on water use. This in turn saves money!

There are many eco-friendly sprinklers on the market that are designed to save money. Check your local garden or home store for one that suits your needs and budget. Use a timer when you put on the sprinkler so that you remember to shut it off!

COLLECT RAIN: That’s right, take advantage of a rainy day! Leave a large, empty garbage pail or trash can on wheels outside when it rains. Cover tightly after the rain has fallen. Use the water from this pail or trash can to water plants. (check your local laws about having a rain bucket/container…some cities/towns do not allow them.)

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