Find Unclaimed Money Online: How to Find Missing Bonds and Unclaimed Property

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If you need extra cash, perhaps you should look to see if you have any old insurance payments, safe deposit boxes, missing bonds, wages or savings accounts that you may have forgotten about. You can search for unclaimed money on a list run by US State Treasurers or check for missing savings bonds.

In this economy it’s hard to believe anyone would forget they had extra money. However, statistics indicate that there are billions of dollars in savings bonds that still remain un-cashed and there are long lists of unclaimed property in each state.

WARNING: Do NOT use sites that aren’t run by the US Government. They will charge you a fee and you can do this for free on the government run sites below.

Unclaimed Property: This site is organized by state. Click on the government unclaimed property program by clicking on a state, territory, or province on the map. You should search in every state where you have lived to see if your name comes up. Run by the US Department of Treasury, this site provides information on Series E bonds issued in 1974 and after. While not a sure-fire way to locate a missing bond, does maintain a large database of most registered bonds and notes. The search can be done by Social Security number or an Employee Identification number (EIN).  Once identified,  a claim form can be filed online or by mail.