Save Money: Free Texting & Free Wifi Resources

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If you are trying to cut back on some of your smartphone or cellphone expenses like WiFi and texting there are free alternatives available.

Free Texting: While many cell phone plans now come with free unlimited texting, some plans are just too expensive to warrant spending the extra dough just to text a few “LOLs” every day. Solution? Get unlimited texts by using your computer. Sign up for a free Gmail email account and use the Gmail Chat feature to send SMS texts for zippo.

Read (and print) full instructions on how to use Gmail to send free SMS texts here.

Free Wi-Fi: If you need to connect to WiFi but don’t want to pay for that feature on your phone (or you are out and about with your laptop), give a try. You will be able to locate the locations closest to you that provide wireless internet for free.

If you are traveling, this list may also be helpful if you’re looking for free wireless: Free WiFi in Airports, Hotels, Restaurants, Amtrak

More money saving tips: Ten Way to Save Money on Your Phone Bill

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