Need Money? What to Sell on eBay

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Need some extra money in a hurry? Dig around your basement, in your garage or in your closets and it’s likely you will find several hundred dollars worth of items you can sell on eBay so you can score some much needed extra cash.

What sells well on eBay? Many items you have in your home that are not being used are perfect for making extra money including cell phones, digital cameras, old laptops, sporting goods and unused gift cards. Yes, gift cards.

Here are some ideas of what you can sell quickly on eBay for a decent amount of cash.

Digital cameras sell very well on eBay. Perhaps you recently upgraded to a new camera and your old one is in excellent condition. Try to include as much information about the camera as possible. If you do not have the original guide book, you can find information on line for most major camera brands.

Gift cards sell quickly although you are limited to the number you can sell at one time on eBay. If you receive gift cards for holiday or birthday gifts and have no use for them, you can sell them on eBay for up to 80% (and often more!) of their value. The rules for selling gift certificates/gift cards is often updated, so check on the eBay site for the latest rules.

Tip: Take the time to put some effort into your listings. Research the average selling price of your item by going on to the eBay site and entering the product name into the search bar in the left column, checking off “show completed listings”. This will bring up a listing of this item and its selling price for the last ninety days. You can determine your selling price by basing your price on one that sold in similar condition to yours.

Cell phones are a popular item on eBay. When you upgrade to a new cell phone, it pays to sell the phone you are no longer using. Always keep the original box and accessories when you purchase a cell phone so that you can sell a complete phone package when you upgrade to a new phone.

Be accurate when describing your phone and mention any nicks or scratches. Price your phone reasonably (this is an important item to check the average selling price of) and make sure you include the charger and instruction guide in the sale. If you do not have these items, list this in your description.

Tip:  You are the only salesperson when it comes to selling your items on eBay. A properly photographed item with a great description will sell for more than an item listed with no picture and a brief description. Don’t take a picture of an item that is surrounded by junk. Spread out a solid colored sheet, set some mood lighting (kidding) and take several clear photos. A good visual is important (ask men. They love a good visual).

Electronics such as iPods, video cameras and MP3 players are excellent choices when it comes to selling on eBay. Again, make sure you have as much of the original packaging and accessories as possible and write an accurate description. Do not price your eBay items according to what you paid for them brand new. People come to eBay for a good deal and will not buy used items at new item prices.

Laptop computers are good items to sell if you maintain your computer before you sell it. If there are problems with the computer, state this in the description. Many people want to buy used computers for parts, so do not discount the idea of selling a computer that no longer works well. Take clear pictures, note any defects and take great care when packing it for safe shipping.

Brand named women’s clothing, especially designer jeans and shoes, sell reasonably well on eBay. Clothing in excellent condition from a smoke-free home are preferable. If there is anything defective, this must be noted. Taking careful measurements of each piece is essential to an easy sale. Expect to sell your clothing for about 30% of the retail price (or less).

Sporting goods are often overlooked when it comes to selling on eBay. Chances are you have barely used ice skates, skis, golf clubs or fishing poles in your garage. Check for similar items on the eBay site to get an idea of how much these items sell for and get them listed! Remember, eBay buyers are all over the world, so you never have to worry about selling in one particular season. People golf in Florida when it is cold in Maine!

With a bit of effort, you will find items in your house to sell on eBay. Take your time, be careful to write accurate, detailed descriptions and take great photos. Keep in mind that not everything sells well on eBay — if you have old bikes, lower-quality clothing, an outdated microwave and a bunch of Chia Pets, save those for your next yard sale or put them up on Craigslist.

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